Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy weekend of (over-due!) sunshine

Wow! What a lovely week-end we've had! It's been such a long time since the sun shone for more than a few minutes...

I decided to take the fleece covers off the raised beds yesterday, hoping that the veg wouldn't get eaten. I was initially a bit dismayed to see a load of birds arrive. On closer inspection, they were house sparrows and goldfinches and seemed to be eating between the greenery, so I left them to it. When I went out later, I couldn't see any obvious damage, so I think they may have been eating the ants. House sparrows are supposed to be in decline (have a read here), but they seem to be thriving around here, and we even have a nest in the eaves!

Jobs I've done this weekend include:
  • thinned out the red onions
  • earthed up the potatoes again
  • weeded
  • potted on the sweetcorn and courgettes
  • planted out the brussel sprouts
  • lawn mowing
  • clearing a very overgrown flower bed
Well I did say it was a busy weekend!

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