Thursday, March 8, 2012

Under cover planting

This is another inheritance from Joe - a home-made multi-dibber, made by attaching dowels to a piece of plywood. The propagators were Joe's too.

Cabbages, Brussel sprouts, Red onions and Salad leaves are next to sow. These all seemed to suggest that you could sow them straight outside, but may benefit from a bit of early protection. I have a 4 tier, plastic covered greenhouse on the patio which should do nicely. I'm not sure I'd trust it with very tender seedlings, but for these it should be fine.

I used my Lakeland oven-rack soaking tray as a container for potting up (as suggested by my good friend Sara!). In the end I plumped for using cell inserts for the seed tray, which didn't quite match Joe's dibber, but a pencil worked fine.  After filling 2 inserts with potting compost I gave them a good watering and popped 2 seeds into each cell. Well, most cells got 2 - some got more I think! A final covering of compost and into the greenhouse they go, complete with propagator lids for good measure.

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