Thursday, March 8, 2012

Planting time!

I finally got to do some planting this week! I have bought/acquired various seeds and seeing how I'm a novice at most of these veg I'm going by the recommendations on the packets.

Straight into one raised bed, I've put a row of carrots, parsnips (on a tape) and beetroot.

 It rained (and snowed) alot on Sunday so when I did this on Monday, the ground was still wet and I didn't bother watering before I put the seeds in. All these packets said to make a drill approx 1" deep and cover with a thin layer of compost, so that's what I did. Having the excess topsoil came in handy, along with the garden sieve I inherited from my grandfather, Joe.

Joe was a very keen gardener and always had masses of fruit and veg growing - I hope he'd be proud of my attempts.

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