Monday, May 7, 2018

Tomatoes and courgettes

I didn't get around to sowing any seeds for tomatoes or courgettes this year, so I bought a few little plants last week. It was really cold at the beginning of the week, so I kept them under cover until the weather warmed up. As the has been shining this weekend, I planted them out. I only have 3 collars (originally bought for a grow-bag) so the 4th plant has gone straight into the ground. The tomato varieties are: Alicante, Sungold, Swwet Aperitif and Super sweet 100.

I filled in the gaps around them with a few onion sets. There wasn't enough room for these in the raised bed when I planted the rest in the Autumn, so they went into pots over the Winter.

The courgettes are F1 Parador, a yellow variety. I've only got 2 plants, but they will hopefully produce plenty of fruit. In the background are the strawberries in full flower.

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