Monday, March 19, 2012

Planting plan

Amy has claimed Beds 1 and 4 as "hers" so these are likely to have strawberries, sweetcorn (lots!), potatoes, runner beans and the broad beans she planted at school.

Bed 2: Cabbage, Lupin, Sprout (but no Dumbledore ;-)
Bed 3: Beetroot, Parsnip, Carrot
Bed 5: Courgette, 
Onion, Lettuce, Spinach
Bed 6: Potato

I came up with this plan after consulting websites such as and the book "Reader's Digest - Food from you Garden" which I inherited from my maternal grandparents, published in 1977. I've used this book many, many times since I've had it as it has excellent, old-fashioned tips and recipes for cooking and preserving fruit and veg. I recently saw a reprint of it (available here) and would thoroughly recommend it to any would-be gardener or cook.