Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Potting on

The French beans I sowed last week popped their heads up over the last couple of days - from bumps in the soil surface, to leaves within hours it seemed. So, time to pot them on, and these are the results:

I've put them into my greenhouse for the time being, then hopefully out into the garden in a couple of weeks time. Having emptied the two of the little trays in my windowsill propagator, I've refilled one of them with chillies. We were a bit over-run with chillies last year, and they were very hot, so I've sown fewer this year of a different variety - Hungarian Hot Wax.


Having spent a bit of time researching which variety to plant this year, I opted for Swift. I've sown them in my window-sill propagator, one seed per cell. Last year I tried sprouting some in the airing cupboard and sowed the rest in newspaper pots. Both worked equally well, but pre-sprouting them was a bit of a hassle and had no real advantage as they all germinated anyway. This year I've placed them on top of the compost and covered them in vermiculite. Fingers crossed...