Tuesday, May 1, 2018

More Sowing

 We escaped the worst of the weather yesterday, although it was only 5°C first thing in the morning. There were a few spots of rain, but nothing substantial and it was a great excuse to visit a plant nursery. I bought a couple of courgette plants, 2 different chilli plants, 4 different tomato plants and some flowers (calendula and stocks). By the afternoon it had warmed up a bit so I sowed some more seeds:
Sweetcorn (Sundance F1)
Dwarf French bean (Compass)
Butternut squash (Honeyboat)
Nasturtium (Tom Thumb mixed)

The French beans, along with the plants I bought, are in my patio growhouse to protect them from the weather. It was very cold again last night, so I'm glad I did. I also put some fleece over the raised bed I sowed last week (no signs of germination yet). The rest of yesterday's sowings are now on the kitchen windowsill above the radiator to germinate. In the background you can see the new fence we had installed last week. I took the opportunity to cut back the shrubs and re-edge the lawn, uncovering the paving slabs in the process. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks now, just a few gaps to fill.