Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday 4th June

Everything's growing so well at the moment! I've been able to pick plenty of spicy salad leaves and rocket, although both have bolted are now beginning to flower. As a result I've sown some more - I wasn't sure I'd bother with a second sowing, but they've been so good I want more! I've also planted some rainbow chard this week.

The sweetcorn's shot up this week with all the warm weather, and the beans I put in beside them have germinated - they are quickly catching up with the one's I planted earlier in the toilet roll tubes. It makes me wonder whether it was worth sowing them early - or is it more down to the sudden change in weather conditions?

The peas are flowering, and the first potatoes have just started showing flower buds. The tomatoes are also showing a few flowers. I planted out a few more red onions, beside Amy's purple and globe carrots to discourage the carrot fly. As for the courgettes? Only one of the earlier sowings have survived, but 2 more have germinated from those I sowed last week.

My mini greenhouse has been cleared out and I've taken out the 2nd shelf to make room for a big planter. I've put the more tender plants (aubergine, chillies and peppers) in here. As for where to keep the spare shelf? - propped up behind the planter to act as a support framework for the aubergines and peppers!