Monday, June 10, 2013

Mystery plant

I've just found this mystery plant in one of my raised beds. I thought it was going to be a runner or French bean that had self-seeded from last year, but when I dug it up it looks more like a parsnip root. I've potted it up and will keep an eye on it to see what it turns into!

PS It's looking more and more like a bean of some sort

PPS Turned out to be a runner bean and produced loads of beans

Salad leaves

I've grown a couple of types of salad leaves this year - Suttons "Speedy Veg Spicy Oriental Mix" and Mr Fothergill's "Mixed Lettuce Leaves". Rather than sowing them straight into the raised beds this year, I started them off in a modular seed tray. Having planted them out about 3 weeks ago I found the birds were helping themselves (we seem to have a whole flock of sparrows nesting around our house!). Having covered them with netting, supported by forsythia canes (see here) they are now doing well and taste lovely!


Just planted out

Growing well (with protection!)

Fingers crossed no more frosts

19th May. According to local weather records, we should be past the last frost by now so I've been leaving the front open on my growhouse for a week or so. Over the weekend, I planted out my sweetcorn, courgettes and runner beans.

10th June. Well, it's now 3 weeks later and we didn't have any frosts! Of the 18 sweetcorn plants, 2 got a bit eaten (slugs maybe, sparrows more likely) and 1 has completely disappeared. However, I'm pleased to say the others are all doing well. The courgettes are all doing well and have lots of flowers forming. The runner beans are more variable - 1 seems to be a non-starter, while another 2 are romping ahead.

Sweetcorn, just planted out
Sweetcorn, 3 weeks later

Courgettes, just planted out
Courgettes, 3 weeks later

Runner beans, just planted out

Runner beans, 3 weeks later