Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Planting out garlic

11th April 2018

Now the new raised beds are in, I can plant out the garlic. I bought these back in the Autumn along with some onion sets, but didn't want to put them in the ground before repairing the wood. Instead, I put them in pots and left them in my little growhouse over the Winter.

They've grown pretty well despite being almost completely ignored. Some of them have grown well out of the bottom of the pots, so they probably could have gone in the ground a bit sooner. However, we've had a very late Spring this year, with snow over Easter, and this if the first opportunity I've had to get them out.

So, I carefully eased them out of their pots leaving as much root intact as possible and transplanted them into the small square bed. 3 of them had rotted/been eaten by slugs, but I still had 24 good plants to put out.

Update 23rd April

They looked a bit sad when I first put them out, but nearly 2 weeks on they're looking good, undoubtedly helped by the lovely sunny, warm weather we've had for the last week.

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